To Demo, or not to Demo…..That is the question

I don’t demo.  Honestly, most of my clothing comes from free group gifties, letter boards or midnight mania signs.  I do occasionally buy some promo outfits from the MP but I never really pay enough that I’m really going to worry about a demo.

But what about those designers that won’t fix an item because you didn’t Demo before you bought something?  And I am meaning something that I payed Lindens for.  To me, that seems a bit unfair.  But I am not a designer, just a girl in the big world of SL.  I guess I just feel like they should back up their product.

Thats all.  Just been thinking about this.  What do you all think?????

Ruby xx

Yes…..I like to Hug Trees


Now that the day is almost finished, I wanted to wish you all a happy Earth Day.  What would be a happy Earth Day???  To me it would be a day to educate others, maybe recycle some glass bottles, or even turn off your kitchen light instead of leaving it on all day.

I am a Tree Hugging Nature Loving Hippy.  I don’t do nearly as much as I should, like most of us.  Here in my little town we don’t even get offered a recycling option at trash pick up.  But I do use the recycled cat litter, reusable grocery bags, and my car gets great gas mileage!!!

I’m not going to get all preachy, because we all know what needs to be done.  The Earth is the only home we have.  I’m sure not eating potatoes grown on Mars with pooh!!!!  Just one thing can make a difference.  We can make Her healthy again, if we all step up and do our part.

Ruby xx

Cynful is my favorite Sin…

If you enjoy Lucky Letter boards, fashionable clothing and a free group to top it off, you MUST check out Cynful.  I have been a member for almost a year now and I can not even count the hours I have lain awake at night waiting for my MMMMM to come up.


They have 10 (YES!!!!) Lucky Letter boards that cycle every ten minutes, and sometimes you even get lucky enough to get a ?????!!!!  You have to join the group to use them, but as of now, just as when I joined, its free!!


There is a nice lounge area where you can sit on comfy pink sofas, and tables you can stand around and talk to new friends.  Most of the clothing is Mesh, but some of the outfits are applier.  If you check their stuff on the MP,  the Lucky Boards are the best way to go….FREE!!!

I just counted my inventory of Cynful products, and including jewelry, applier and mesh clothing I have a total of 50 outfits.  Yeah…..lots of late nights.  Just stop by and see what you think.  You will love it, I guar·an·tee!

Cynful Clothing

Ruby xx

Holy Mascara Batgirl!

simpleshadowPP-compressorSo I decided this month to get the Powder Pack, which is a monthly subscription box in Second Life that is geared toward those girls that like to look pretty.  I’m not real girly in RL but in SL I love make up and skins and freckles etc.  Powder Pack has 12 different designers every month that make special things for us ladies.  This month was my first so I can’t tell you much about previous months, but this was sooooo FAB!!!  I got 3 skins, along with all sorts of different make up appliers.  Now, they make two kinds of Packs, one for Lelutka mesh head, and one for the Catwa mesh head which I use.  Below is the monthly time line on ordering.


If you preorder, the cost is 1500 Lindens.  If you decide to buy after the preorder close, it is 3000 Lindens.  You can order here at Powder Pack In World and I think you can buy past Packs on the Marketplace.  I have decided that I will be making a monthly purchase, its a great deal for the price, and so wonderful to have exclusive make up to wear and show off to your friends!!!  Definitely check it out!!!

Ruby xx

Brightest Blessings!!!

Hello my wonderful followers!!!  I just wanted to wish you all a blessed day and a Happy Easter.  I myself do not celebrate Easter in the Modern way, but I always love the discount candy the day after 😀  So…..Happy Easter to you all and may your day be filled with happiness, family, good food and CHOCOLATE!!!!


I’m off to collect more Freebies!!!!  Love ya’ll!!!

Ruby xx

Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt

So last night I was purusing my favorite Second Life hunt site and came across a hunt on the  Land of Rainbows Sim.  I myself love rainbows and had never heard of it myself so I went to check it out.


It is a beautiful Sim, lots of places to take pics and a great Egg hunt.


I was also lucky enough to chat with one of the founders of Land of Rainbows,  Kahvy Smith.  He and I chatted for almost an hour, about freebies, free love and all that other fun stuff!!!!  I took enough pics to fill my Flickr feed, and the Land of Rainbows has their own!!!

Ok, so the Egg Hunt only runs until the 20th of April, so get your butts over there and do some hunting.  Take lots of pics too!!! They want to see them on their Flickr!!!!

The Land of Rainbows Flickr 

Link to the Egg hunt!!

The Land of Rainbows Sim

Take a hop over and find those 50!!!! free eggs!!

Ruby xx

And for April VIP members….

So the lovely jewelry set I showed you earlier this week from Graffitiwear is fab!!!  But I have to admit, this cute little dress just finishes the look.  If you join their group, paying the 5L, you will have access to the monthly VIP gifts just like subscribing includes sub gifts.  The jewel set was for subs.  This is what I received for being a VIP!


Full of Spring colors, great dress style, and it matches the pretty jewelry set perfect.


I’m begging ya!!! Go by the store and look around.  Second floor has mesh and applier clothing along with the Lucky Dip, Midnight Madness, Lucky Letter.  You won’t be disappointed.


Ruby  xx

Graffitiwear Rocks!

This is just a quick post before sleepy time for me.  Was just finishing up some last minute SL stuff and I received my April Subscriber gift from Graffitiwear.


Its a cute set, with a pretty pink tulip set in the middle with a couple of jewels here and there.  It comes with a necklace, earring set, bracelet and ring.

The Graffitiwear group is 5L only to keep out the spammers.  Joining you get access to store discounts, a Midnight Madness board with cute outfits, and a Not So Lucky Dip.  The clothing is very cute, the shop has shoes, lingerie, mesh and applier clothing.


Ruby xx

9’s Life Easter Hunt 2017

Oh how I love the beginning of a new month in Second Life!  The Hunts are just about my favorite thing after new Group Gifts!!!

I went to 9’s Life Easter Hunt tonight.  You search for 24 eggs that cost 5L a piece from April 1st to April 16th so you need to stop by ASAP!  I have to admit to getting lazy and only finding 20 of them.  But I went back to my spot and tried on the things I did get.  First thing I noticed is that in the Gift Folder, they offer system clothing and lots of applier clothes made for Omega, Slink and Maitreya bodies.

(Sorry for the crap pics, I’m still learning)

These are just a pic of two Items I got.  They are both appliers, using Omega for my Belleza Freya body.  Panties, bras, swim suits and even a few Mesh outfits.  Great Deals for just a small amount of Lindens!  Ya’ll need to stop by!!!

Life Styles Main Store


Ruby xx