Land of Rainbows Easter Egg Hunt

So last night I was purusing my favorite Second Life hunt site and came across a hunt on the  Land of Rainbows Sim.  I myself love rainbows and had never heard of it myself so I went to check it out.


It is a beautiful Sim, lots of places to take pics and a great Egg hunt.


I was also lucky enough to chat with one of the founders of Land of Rainbows,  Kahvy Smith.  He and I chatted for almost an hour, about freebies, free love and all that other fun stuff!!!!  I took enough pics to fill my Flickr feed, and the Land of Rainbows has their own!!!

Ok, so the Egg Hunt only runs until the 20th of April, so get your butts over there and do some hunting.  Take lots of pics too!!! They want to see them on their Flickr!!!!

The Land of Rainbows Flickr 

Link to the Egg hunt!!

The Land of Rainbows Sim

Take a hop over and find those 50!!!! free eggs!!

Ruby xx