Cynful is my favorite Sin…

If you enjoy Lucky Letter boards, fashionable clothing and a free group to top it off, you MUST check out Cynful.  I have been a member for almost a year now and I can not even count the hours I have lain awake at night waiting for my MMMMM to come up.


They have 10 (YES!!!!) Lucky Letter boards that cycle every ten minutes, and sometimes you even get lucky enough to get a ?????!!!!  You have to join the group to use them, but as of now, just as when I joined, its free!!


There is a nice lounge area where you can sit on comfy pink sofas, and tables you can stand around and talk to new friends.  Most of the clothing is Mesh, but some of the outfits are applier.  If you check their stuff on the MP,  the Lucky Boards are the best way to go….FREE!!!

I just counted my inventory of Cynful products, and including jewelry, applier and mesh clothing I have a total of 50 outfits.  Yeah…..lots of late nights.  Just stop by and see what you think.  You will love it, I guar·an·tee!

Cynful Clothing

Ruby xx