Yes…..I like to Hug Trees


Now that the day is almost finished, I wanted to wish you all a happy Earth Day.  What would be a happy Earth Day???  To me it would be a day to educate others, maybe recycle some glass bottles, or even turn off your kitchen light instead of leaving it on all day.

I am a Tree Hugging Nature Loving Hippy.  I don’t do nearly as much as I should, like most of us.  Here in my little town we don’t even get offered a recycling option at trash pick up.  But I do use the recycled cat litter, reusable grocery bags, and my car gets great gas mileage!!!

I’m not going to get all preachy, because we all know what needs to be done.  The Earth is the only home we have.  I’m sure not eating potatoes grown on Mars with pooh!!!!  Just one thing can make a difference.  We can make Her healthy again, if we all step up and do our part.

Ruby xx