Well…..its been a while.

I have been so busy in RL that my blog here has gone by the wayside.  But today, I found something in SL that was so gorgeous I had to let you all know about it.  I went to The Wash Cart Sale in SL today with 50 lindens to my name.  First, I was going to be good and hold onto what I had.  No spending money for me until next week.  But then I came across the display for Luminesse and fell in love!!!!  I have been a fan of hers ever since I joined SL last year.  It was beautiful jewelry in my style that I could afford on my meager income.  I was only able to purchase one item, the Eloria Naomi Set in Labrador Black.  I walked around a bit more and headed home and the first thing I tried on was the set.  I’m still crap with the camera and these do NO JUSTICE to the beauty of this set, but here they are.

BeFunky Collage


The green sparkles so beautifully in the light along with the gorgeous green of the opal.  And I almost forgot necklace can be resized.   They perfectly match the eyes I happened to be wearing this week.

So I took out the time to write to the creator, ZanSari and she was kind enough to take a few minutes to chat with me about her passion for making her jewelry and her hope that others loved it as much as she did.  I reassured her that I did, considering I own 40 of her pieces.  I just know there are others out there that do too, and if you have never been to her shop it is a must do.  She offers group gifts, a whole wall of cheapies under 25L and two floors of both women’s and men’s items.   And then, after our short conversation, I received this gorgeous piece out of the blue.  I feel like a princess.  Thank you Zan.


So please, if you stop by the Wash at anytime, go take a look. There will be something that is lovely and will be made just for you.  Thanks for reading, I will do better about posting my Ramblings.

Blessings on this Summer Solstice.

Ruby xx

P.S.  I didn’t make it home with a dime to my name, but sooooo worth it!