9’s Life Easter Hunt 2017

Oh how I love the beginning of a new month in Second Life!  The Hunts are just about my favorite thing after new Group Gifts!!!

I went to 9’s Life Easter Hunt tonight.  You search for 24 eggs that cost 5L a piece from April 1st to April 16th so you need to stop by ASAP!  I have to admit to getting lazy and only finding 20 of them.  But I went back to my spot and tried on the things I did get.  First thing I noticed is that in the Gift Folder, they offer system clothing and lots of applier clothes made for Omega, Slink and Maitreya bodies.

(Sorry for the crap pics, I’m still learning)

These are just a pic of two Items I got.  They are both appliers, using Omega for my Belleza Freya body.  Panties, bras, swim suits and even a few Mesh outfits.  Great Deals for just a small amount of Lindens!  Ya’ll need to stop by!!!

Life Styles Main Store


Ruby xx